Tuesday, 12 April 2016

         The Rules

One's there was a boy called Matt and he                  was saving money to buy tickets so he
and his mum could go to a consist. He
pulled out his violin and started to play
after a while when Matt was packing up   
a billy ran pust and took Matt’s violin and
throw it into a river Matt went to get his
violin and it had fallen to bits he ran  
back where he was playing his violin
and shod his uncle Joe and then his
mum worked in and said “Matt why
did you take your violin out of the
how's ?” Mat looked down at floe “I am
relay sorry mum”. Next thing he new they were
at the consist and mat was performing
he had made a deal with his uncle
that if he worked in his uncle's shop
every sunday his uncle will buy him
a new violin.

                         the end

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