Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Mountain valley camp
 The web in the mud run
In the web challenge there was a big net and it went over a big wooden pole and you had to work together as a teem. Before the challenge I thought it was going to be easy but it wasn't. Luka and I were 5th to go up and it was really hard.It was hard but Luka and I succeed. Luka and I mad it over the net so we were really happy. Through the challenging I learnt about myself that when I believe I can do it.   

 Going through the mud

It wasn't really a challenge but it was for me lying down in the mud yak slime. Before the challenge I didn't think I could do it.Tamsen was there the whole time.It was disgusting but I did it. It was disgusting but I did it. I learnt about myself that I like mud.  

White water rafting
There was a big blow up boat and everyone had a paddle and I was the only girl in the boat!!! Before the challenge I was nervous and scared. The instructor could see that I was scared so she helped me.I was scared but I did it. I succeed because I made it to the end and was so happy. I learnt about myself that I taking risks.

Thanks for watching
File:Bye-Bye2.gifFile:Bye-Bye2.gifKeep, Good Bye, Farewell,

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