Thursday, 1 September 2016

1/9/16           The beach

Shells everywhere.
The squishy sand beneath my feet.
Suddenly OCH SOMETHING PINCHED ME the biggest crab I had ever seen.
Go away go away.
Run away run away.
Run run run.
The crab was out of sight .
I had done it.
I had won.

By Olivia manthel-brown

Monday, 13 June 2016

                                            I am learning to create magic square's   

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Mountain valley camp
 The web in the mud run
In the web challenge there was a big net and it went over a big wooden pole and you had to work together as a teem. Before the challenge I thought it was going to be easy but it wasn't. Luka and I were 5th to go up and it was really hard.It was hard but Luka and I succeed. Luka and I mad it over the net so we were really happy. Through the challenging I learnt about myself that when I believe I can do it.   

 Going through the mud

It wasn't really a challenge but it was for me lying down in the mud yak slime. Before the challenge I didn't think I could do it.Tamsen was there the whole time.It was disgusting but I did it. It was disgusting but I did it. I learnt about myself that I like mud.  

White water rafting
There was a big blow up boat and everyone had a paddle and I was the only girl in the boat!!! Before the challenge I was nervous and scared. The instructor could see that I was scared so she helped me.I was scared but I did it. I succeed because I made it to the end and was so happy. I learnt about myself that I taking risks.

Thanks for watching
File:Bye-Bye2.gifFile:Bye-Bye2.gifKeep, Good Bye, Farewell,

         The Rules

One's there was a boy called Matt and he                  was saving money to buy tickets so he
and his mum could go to a consist. He
pulled out his violin and started to play
after a while when Matt was packing up   
a billy ran pust and took Matt’s violin and
throw it into a river Matt went to get his
violin and it had fallen to bits he ran  
back where he was playing his violin
and shod his uncle Joe and then his
mum worked in and said “Matt why
did you take your violin out of the
how's ?” Mat looked down at floe “I am
relay sorry mum”. Next thing he new they were
at the consist and mat was performing
he had made a deal with his uncle
that if he worked in his uncle's shop
every sunday his uncle will buy him
a new violin.

                         the end

My weemee

Monday, 11 April 2016

   A Moment in Time                

I see the water splashing against the side of the pool
I feel butterflies in my tummy
I hear kids screaming ‘go Olivia’
I taste the coloring in the pool
I smell the sweet smell of success
I wonder what place I will come

I see the end of the pool
I feel my legs getting tired
I hear kids playing clapping games with their hands  
I taste the water as I dive in the pool
I smell hope in the air
I wonder who will come first

I see kids diving in the pool
I feel nervous as I jump in the pool
I hear kids whisper to them self I can do it
I taste victory ahead
I smell mum’s wearing perfume
I wonder if I will come first, second or third.



Until this creature is discovered, it will stay in fiery tails or magic lands. This creature has a name it is the…..unicorn. When the unicorn is found, I hope it will have a rainbow mane and white fur hopefully it won't have a white mane or black fur. Since I heard the beautiful name, I have been dreaming of it every night. If I see one, I will run and hop on its back. While it is a mystery I will just have to wait.
The end    images (1).jpg